Our company vision…

To make the world a more delicious place.


Gold Standard Foods is a small business founded on the principle of delivering a unique and delicious food product with excellent value. We make foods that we like to eat and that goes well with other foods. We also use only all natural ingredients – no preservatives, additives, or colorings.

Why would we get into the risky business of specialty food products?

We love our food so much that we want to share it with everyone! It is the same reason that we are in the catering and concession business – we love to share the experience of great food with people. The urge to bring people a little bit of joy through our food is what drives us. We also believe that everyone deserves better tasting food. So much of what is on the market is simply not good. It’s either bland and flavorless, or so over the top with one taste (usually sweetness) that it has no depth of flavor. Our products are carefully crafted to have a balance of flavors that work with each other and enhance the food that you pair it with – not overpower it. Finally, we truly believe that food can help bring people together. What happens when you are with a group of people and you try a food that is new and delicious and makes your taste buds sing? You want to share it with everyone around you! That is what we want our products to do. We want to make everyone as passionate about food as we are and we believe that our food can do that.

We are proud to now offer several of our signature sauces and other food products for wholesale and retail sale.

  Our first product is our Hillbilly Tacos Carolina BBQ Sauce. An authentic South Carolina style of barbecue sauce, it’s unlike anything you have ever tasted. With the perfect blend of sweet, spicy, smokey, and tangy, it compliments everything from pork, to vegetables, to chicken, to tofu. It’s a BBQ sauce that will make your mouth sit up and take notice that real flavor is here!

Read about how we used crowd source funding to get our Hillbilly Tacos Carolina BBQ Sauce off the ground and into bottles.

  Gold Standard Balsamic BBQ Sauce is a unique take on barbecue! We bring out the natural sweetness of balsamic vinegar and combine it with umami flavors, real garlic, and just a little bit of pepper to make a BBQ sauce that will blow you away. This one has been a favorite of our catering customers for years. This dark, rich, and flavorful BBQ sauce goes excellent on grilled chicken, vegetables, tofu, portobello mushrooms, and steaks.
  Our Chocolate Chipotlé BBQ Sauce takes the regional flavors of traditional Mexican molés and combines it with southern BBQ sauce for something really unique. This is a favorite on ribs and brisket.
  Gold Standard Butt Rub is the same rub that we use to make our renowned pulled pork that goes in our Hillbilly Tacos. After much trial and error, this secret recipe is now available in our Butt Rub (Boston Butt – aka pork shoulder). Use it on not only what ever butt you have around, but also on beef, chicken, eggs, and just about anything else.